aWhere Platform 

Geospatial data management software for creating, sharing maps, apps and being an enterprise’s portal for geographic information.
Let your organization work together fully and efficiently.

WHY aWhere ?

Create a central corporate

aWhere can create a database, gather information and secure your data efficiency. There is an intermediary between data access. Database editing support the main principle is to reduce data redundancy.
Data security certification

aWhere protects data from unauthorized access. It can be used only by authorized users. It is safe to use in the network and have a good backup system. aWhere is also designed for those who are just the beginner so, it can be used easily.
Support a variety of data format

aWhere supports a variety of import and export data formats. Providing easily accessibility to geographic data. It also allows users to collect and share information in different ways.
Customizable available

aWhere supports customization to meet the requirements of every organization.
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